Bengaluru: A woman, four months into her pregnancy, attempted suicide inside the City Police Commissioners office by slashing her wrist.

The woman, identified as Mary, had come to attend a counselling session at Vanitha Sahaya Vani (women's helpline). She complained that her boyfriend Prakash impregnated her during their 10-month long relationship and later rejected her.

Mary, a resident of Halasuru had come in contact with Prakash a year ago. She alleges that Prakash proposed to her and promised to marry her but ended up cheating her.  

"The woman had approached us sometime back, we summoned both the parties. Prakash agreed to have had a relationship with her and sought time to settle the dispute. Today he could not make it for the session, and we asked the lady to wait. She said that she needs to visit the restroom and stepped out. She ended up slashing her wrists in the restroom," said Rani Shetty, coordinator, Vanitha Sahaya Vani.

Shetty also said that the woman was emotionally very weak and may have taken such a decision as she was overwhelmed with the trauma.

Mary was rushed to hospital and she and her baby are said to be out of danger.

According to sources, the women’s helpline has granted Prakash some time to make arrangements to settle the dispute and have warned him of filing a criminal case for failing to do so.