Bengaluru: The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC) elections has been scheduled for June 29, 2019 and the names in the candidate list seem to be familiar from the past elections. This time, the usual names that are seen in the elections are joined either with that of their brothers or sons or spouses. Those not contesting the elections are trying to bring their family members in. The nepotism culture seen in film industries seems to be seeping into KFCC as well.

There are three sectors in the KFCC - producers, distributors and exhibitors. Former KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu reportedly said that any member can contest the elections. He said that he is not contesting but his son is contesting for a post in the executive committee (EC). “There will be teams in any election, and anyone can seek his support,” he reportedly said.

Sa Ra Govindu’s son, Anup Gowda, though an actor, is eligible to contest the elections because he is a partner in his father’s production firms. To contest from the producer’s sector, the person has to be credited producer in at least two films.

When asked about the trend seen in the candidate list for the KFCC elections this year, former president (1977) KV Gupta said, “Any member can contest in their individual capacity. The electorate is responsible for selecting the candidates. There might be people contesting the elections from the same family. Even brothers can contest.”

NM Suresh is contesting for a post in the office bearers segment while his brother is contesting for a post in the executive committee. He reportedly said that he cannot prevent anyone from contesting the elections and that his brother is contesting of his own accord and that he is not even canvassing for him. He also added that the members of the KFCC are well-educated and that they will not vote for a candidate because of who their relatives are.

The outgoing secretary Ba Ma Harish said that each of these candidates can win the elections by their own strength, reports said. His brother is contesting the elections this time.