Hassan: A farmer, who left home due to repeated family disputes in Hassan, Karnataka, returned to find out from his relatives that he had been “buried” in his village and the last rites were conducted in a grand ceremony. He had left home to spend some time on his own. 

The farmer, Shivanna, left home on June 16 and stayed at a relative’s place in Bengaluru. However, his family had no information about him.

When Shivanna did not return on June 16, his family members searched for him. On June 18, his wife Deepa, filed a missing complaint. Police reportedly found a decayed body near Hassan bus terminus the same day.

The body was so decomposed that it could not be identified. But the police informed Deepa and she rushed to the spot. She reportedly told the police that it was not her husband and that the clothes did not match those worn by Shivanna. 

But the police persisted and said that the body was unidentifiable. Hence, the family was not able to identify Shivanna.

The family buried the body the same day. Shivanna’s father Thirumalaiah printed invitation cards for the 11th day ceremony to be held on June 28. He distributed them to relatives.

A day after the rites, the family received news that Shivanna was staying at a relative’s place in Bengaluru. They rushed to the relative’s place on Sunday. Shivanna told them that he had only been taking some time off.

As the news reached the police, they rushed to the village to exhume the body that had been mistakenly buried. They are now trying to identify the body.