Ten trade unions along with two bank unions have called for a Bharat bandh on January 8 and 9. With most of the facilities like transport, schools, colleges likely to be hit, most places might declare a holiday. If your ambitious hearts hates seeing you twiddle your thumbs for two days, fret not, for there are many things one can accomplish.

Shop till you drop

Malls have not lent their support to the bandh yet. Well, considering that many people will have time on their hands, they will surely welcome customers with open arms. It might just finally be the opportunity you were looking for to buy a few of the 50 to 100 pending items on your wish list.

Take the high road

When was the last time you were able to enjoy a peaceful stroll? Well, the roads will be free of vehicles as most people would choose to be remain indoors. Seize the opportunity and go on a long walk with your loved one(s) or even alone to experience the one of the simplest joys of life.

Conquer the kitchen

Most of the time the main reason for one partner to avoid entering the kitchen is work. Here are two days that come after the weekend when the excuse of being busy will not work. It’s a good time to help out your spouse, parent or cook in the kitchen. Cooking or baking can also relieve stress for some and this is a good opportunity for you to make a meal out of it.

The long overdue car/ bike wash

Many will admit that this is long overdue. You will have plenty of time to have a look at your vehicle that has served you for so long. It is the best time to give some attention to your bike or car or the bicycle that definitely looks tired.  Get rid of all the clutter in your car and tighten those loose bolts in your bike. There’s nothing cooler than taking your shiny vehicle on the streets after the bandh hours for a long ride or drive.

Find the long-lost friend/relative

Of course, you have been busy. So much so, you might find yourself remembering that there were many friends and relatives around you years ago. Or you might just remember the relatives who always complain that you don't have time for them at all. So, here are two days, where you can message them or talk to them over the phone and remember the days of your childhood and relive those good memories. It is good to be in touch with your past sometimes.

Get your papers in order

Bank work is the one people postpone most of the time. There is still a lot of online and offline work that can be done so don't wait for the last date to file your returns and complete other pending work. Check all the details and keep everything arranged and ready to be submitted to the bank, as soon as they open.

Tend to your plants

Though most people do not have a full-fledged garden, the kitchen garden is a common phenomenon. If you have not found time to manure, water them and change pots, here is the apt time. If you don't have a kitchen garden, this is the right time to start. All you need is a pot, some seeds and willpower to maintain them.

Park it

Unless there are incidents of violence in your vicinity, you can take your children or your partner to the park, spend some time and come home refreshed. Short picnics are the best way to unwind.

Stay current

If you are still free, you can take some time to read or watch the news to see what is happening in our country. Find out why you have got a two-day holiday and stay updated with the issues that surround the world.  

However, if you so wish, there is no one to stop you from joining a peaceful protest march if you believe strongly enough to support the call for bandh.