Bengaluru: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has arrested two income tax officials for accepting bribes. CBI raided their residences and recovered Rs 1.35 crore.

Income tax officer H R Nagesh was arrested while receiving Rs 15 lakh bribe from Srinivas of ‘Windsor Edifice’ on Wednesday night. Another I-T officer Narendra Singh also was arrested in the case.

The matter came to light when Nagesh demanded Rs 20 lakh as bribe from the managing director of a real estate firm in Bengaluru.

The managing director approached the CBI who then decided to catch the officials red-handed.

The I-T officials settled for a bribe of Rs 14 lakh and agreed to meet the complainant at a Bengaluru café.

When the money was being handed over, the CBI officials swooped in and arrested the Income tax official.

Searches were conducted at the premises of both accused. Cash of Rs 1.35 Crore (approx) was recovered from the premises of the accused. Several incriminating documents were also recovered.

The accused will be produced before the competent court, Bengaluru.