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Blood Moon on January 21: What has it got to do with HD Kumaraswamy's govt?

The astrologers and the BJP opined that the lunar eclipse today will have an effect on HD Kumaraswamy's government. Noted astrologer SK Jain says, HD Kumaraswamy may find difficulties, however, he can overcome obstacles by prayers and poojas and visit to Tirupati will help him. 

Blood Moon on January 21: What has it got to do with HD Kumaraswamy's govt?
Bengaluru, First Published Jan 21, 2019, 7:28 PM IST
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Bengaluru: There is a deep connect with the superstitious beliefs of the HD Deve Gowda family and the decisions they make.

With resort politics taking a turn for the worse as Congress MLAs involve themselves in a drunken brawl, the division within the Congress camp will no doubt have an impact on the HD Kumaraswamy (HDK) government. HDK faces the tough task of governing the state, keeping his government intact and handling situations that seem to be out of his control, all at the same time.

Noted astrologer who is regularly consulted by politicians stated that the lunar eclipse on Monday impacted the state administration and will be the cause of more trouble to come. According to Jain, HD Kumaraswamy may face obstacles but prayers and rituals and a visit to Tirupati will guard him.

Recalling the turmoil in the state administration for the last 15 days, Jain said, the eclipse last month resulted in a Tsunami in Indonesia and now due to eclipse, there is political crises in Karnataka. 

BJP leader and former Mayor Katte Sathyanarayana, concurred with Jain’s observation and said that it is true that lunar eclipse or solar eclipse will have some bad impact, however, with regard to HD Kumaraswamy, his bad administration will end the rule.  "There seems to be no development with this administration," he said.

JD(S) leader TA Sharavana, however, rejected this argument by saying that HD Deve Gowda is the tallest believer in astrology and performing rituals, however he has not become narrow-minded like the BJP leaders. 

“The HD Kumaraswamy's administration will not be rattled by this eclipse. Instead of BS Yeddyurappa will be at loss," said Sharavana. 

According to the astrologers, the eclipse started at 10:48am IST and lasted for more than three hours. The moon was completely bathed in Earth's shadow for an hour.

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