Bengaluru: Karnataka chief minister HD Kumaraswamy assured of forming Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to kick start the suburban rail project within one week after coming to power. But, the state government has imposed 19 new conditions at the final phase of implementation, which will further delay the project. If not, the conditions would jeopardise the dream project for Bengaluru.

BJP MP PC Mohan has written to Kumaraswamy on imposing new conditions that would further delay the project. He requested the chief minister to instead allow the SPV to decide on all issues and kick-start the plan.

In a press release, PC Mohan said that the Centre had agreed to all the demands of the state, and it is difficult to understand why the state government has come up with new conditions even as people were waiting for the date of launch by PM Narendra Modi as announced by Kumaraswamy himself.

Some of the conditions imposed by the state government are difficult to understand and defy logic, he said. "For example, why the condition of 4-5 km distance between the stations? Why not the ideal 1-2 km as agreed previously?" PC Mohan questioned.

The MP also urged the chief minister to take immediate steps to form the SPV and kick start the project and allow the SPV to decide on all matters of the project.

Mohan concluded by stating that the suburban rail is a project that hundreds of people in and around Bengaluru are eagerly waiting for, urged the chief minister to take immediate steps.