On May 20, a 14-year-old boy Nikhil succumbed to injuries sustained due to an electric shock in one of many deaths due to electric shock reported over the years. According to data shared by BESCOM, the total number of deaths due to electrocution in the last five years for humans and animals combined (related and not related to BESCOM) is 283 in 2015-16, 235 in 2016-17, 239 in 2017-18, 149 in 2018-19.

7 people have already been reported dead due to electric shock in the year 2019-20

Few of the recent cases are:

In May 8, 2019, an 8-month old boy was electrocuted after he crawled into a junction box while he was playing in a shed in an under-construction building. 

In April 2019, a nine-year-old boy from Mahalakshmi Layout came in contact with a live wire. Sai Charan was playing with his friends he touched a live wire. The boy was rushed to the nearby Columbia Asia Hospital.

In another case in April 2019, a 13-year-old boy was electrocuted in Jeevan Bima Nagar. The boy named Bharat was using a wet stick to reach a mango and was electrocuted. Bharat was unaware that a live electric wire was passing through the tree. He was rushed to hospital but was declared ‘brought dead’. The police have booked a case against BESCOM officials for negligence.

In February 2019, an eight-year-old boy was electrocuted when he came in contact with a live wire while playing in Dr Rajkumar Park. The boy was rushed to hospital but was declared dead. The boy came in contact with a live wire which was not insulated properly due to lighting work that was carried out recently in the park.

Speaking to media, BBMP commissioner recently had said that a meeting had been held with BESCOM officials to shift electric cables underground.