Bengaluru: The government of any state spends hundreds of crores for the welfare of its students and so does the government of Karnataka. Likewise, Bangalore University is one of the most prestigious universities in the state. The university receives grants from the government.

But how good are the facilities in the university?

Post-graduate students of the university’s Social Welfare department are allegedly suffering due to the “bad” facilities at their hostel.

The hostel for girl students has been shut down, with a view to shifting it adjacent to the boys’ hostel. Girl students say it is absolutely unnecessary.

Speaking to a local channel, a student said, “The ladies’ hostel is located inside the lecturers’ quarters. They’re trying to shift it near the boys’ hostel. That place is not safe for girls. We are requesting them not to shift the hostel as it is not needed. But they said that we have no authority in deciding such matters. Without any inhibitions, they said they are the deciding authority and we must follow their orders.”

It is said that the hostel is being shifted because officials “gain commission” out of it. Apart from that, it is also alleged that the staff of the hostel don’t treat the students well.

Bangalore University is a very famous university. In 1927, it was on the premises of the university (Central College) that CV Raman announced his Nobel winning work. He was awarded the Nobel prize in 1930.

The university has as many as 650 colleges affiliated to it.

Later, with a view for better administration, the government of Karnataka has trifurcated the university, with three branches, one in Chikkaballapura, the other two in Bengaluru (JB campus and Central College).

Though it has so many reputations to its credit, citizens are no doubt sad to hear allegations of the university failing to provide basic necessities to students.