Bengaluru: A 67-year-old Narayana, who was an auto rickshaw driver in Bengaluru was beaten to death by another auto rickshaw driver, for reportedly charging his customers a low price for their rides.

This tragic incident took place on Wednesday in Yemalur auto stand. Following his retirement as a driver from the tax department, Narayana had taken up driving an auto as a profession. According to the reports, Narayana worked in and around Yemalur and would charge his passengers reasonable fares.

On January 9, Babu (20) who is also an auto rickshaw driver, was involved in an argument with Narayana for charging low fares to his customers. Just when the debate escalated and tension between the two heated up, Babu reportedly began beating Narayana, who fell to the ground and lost consciousness.

Other drivers in the vicinity shifted Narayana to a nearby private hospital and informed his family. Narayana was later referred to another hospital as the one he was taken to did not have enough oxygen supply. When the family reached the second hospital, doctors declared that he was brought dead.

Narayana's daughter, Prerana filed a complaint against Babu and he was taken into custody by the Marathahalli police in Bengaluru. Prerana also said that her father chose to drive an auto because he was fond of social service. People in the locality preferred hiring Narayana's auto over others which led to some jealousy.