The competition in the ayurvedic products' marketplace will reach another level as India's biggest consumer goods company, Hindustan Unilever, is all set to make a grand entry in this market with a range of personal care products specifically aiming at Patanjali's product portfolio. 


In this particular marketplace, Patanjali is one of the most successful companies that has grown to be a ₹5000 crore company in the past one decade. This company did hit a couple of roadblocks, but it has plans of expansion and aspiration to grow bigger in coming years. 


Hindustan Unilever plans to launch 20 products that include skin cream, toothpaste, soaps, shampoos under its existing brand Ayush that was launched in 2001 but it is still struggling to its presence felt in the market. 


The success of Patanjali unveiled the potential of Ayurvedic products' market and inspired L'Oreal to launch Garnier Ultra Blends and Colgate to buy Cibaca Vedshakti. 


Analysts also agree that herbal products do better in India as mass market products, which is a price sensitive market. Also, analysts suggest that Patanjali will face a stiff competition once Hindustan Unilever launches their new line of products.