The queues outside the ATMs are not a new picture for the civilians of India currently. Many must have spent hours in one of those lines to get their hands on cash, which has become a hard-to-get object now. But have you realised apart from the Indian government, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the bank workers, who are the people who have almost lost their sleep in order to help the common people of the country?


They are the 40,000 truck drivers, security guards and the custodians of the ATMs.


Some of them have been working relentlessly and have decided to go home only when the work gets done totally. Amidst the crisis that the nation and its people are going through, these are the men who are giving us humanity goals to achieve live.


A lot of people have lost their head over standing in a queue for a long time but these are the people who do not realise that they are being able to withdraw cash from the ATMs because it is being timely filled by these men who are trying to help the public’s cause.


Some of them have stayed back in their makeshift homes inside the ATMs and many have forgotten to take a shower as well. These are the people who are sacrificing on their personal lives to help us and it is time we reach out and thank them for their herculean efforts to fulfil our needs.