Bhopal. The highest number of coronavirus positive patients in Bhopal consists of officers and employees of the health department. These officers and employees are treating patients infected with coronavirus and/or looking after systems related to the virus. They are committed to the duty of saving lives by risking their own lives.

This story of a government doctor named Sachin Nayak from Jai Prakash (JP) Government Hospital (Bhopal) is sure to tug at your heartstrings. He is treating coronavirus positive patients. He is available 24 hours and is so committed that he does not even go home. He has instead made his car his home. And his car is parked at the hospital premises. He rests in the car whenever he is able to take a break.

Doctor Nayak says that there is risk involved due to his exposure to corona-infected patients in the hospital. Thus, he finds it safe to maintain distance from his family. He has a three-year-old son. The doctor misses him way too much and craves to meet him, but life is more precious at this time.

Dr Nayak has ensured his daily needs are there in his car. He has set up a bed at the back of his car. He has fixed a clothes line to dry his shirts as well. That's not all. Hi car is home to bath soap, hair oil, toothpaste and utensils. While the doctor manages to eat whatever food is available at the hospital, he has placed a set of books in his car to help satiate his reading habit when he finds the time.