Twitter user Abby shared the Knit Arm Warmer's picture and captioned it as, "Hey, is Zara okay?" In the image, the price tag is visible, and it costs $29.90. 

Zara's Arm Warmer style sweater is a high-neck knitted sweater with long sleeves without the body of it. The fabric of this sweater is a mixed one with viscose, polyester and nylon. The sweater will cost Rs 1,790 at Zara's online store.

Since it's arrival, the sweater is receiving an immense amount of trolling, and memes have been making. One of the Twitter users commented, "You laugh now, but one day your neck and arms are gonna be extra cold, and you'll regret the lack of coverage your sweater vest offers".

Another netizen tweeted, "Is this for a horse?" The tweet has received 76,000' likes in three days, and this is not the first time that Zara's outfit grabbed attention.

Zara's Arm Warmer gone right or wrong, it's up to you to decide.