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World AIDS Day 2022: Importance of practising safe sex in your 20s; find out more here

According to the United Nations Programme, almost 1.7 million children older than 15 suffer from HIV infections. Hence it is essential to practise safe sex in your 20s and gain knowledge about sexually transmitted diseases.

World AIDS Day 2022: Importance of practising safe sex in your 20s; find out more here sur
First Published Dec 1, 2022, 10:01 AM IST

AIDS is one of the most serious and common diseases that has posed a massive challenge to physicians and medical practitioners. Almost 1.7 million children who are older than 15 years old are suffering from HIV infection, according to United Nations Programme. And around 6,90,000 people lost their lives due to AIDS across the world in the year 2020. Although there has been a decline in any AIDS-related illnesses over the years, still, on this World AIDS day, there is a need for the youth to know how they can practice safe sex in their 20s, as having unsafe sex is a significant cause of transmission of these infections. It is important to know that no proper cure is there for HIV/AIDS. Antiretroviral Therapy can help in managing the infection but does not cure it completely. So prevention is always better than cure. Here are some ways to practice safe sex in your 20s.

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Knowing about your partner well: The first step in the guide to safe sex should know your partner well. It means getting to know your partner’s medical history and the number of sexual partners they had. Also, safety measures should be a high priority for your partner, and you should regularly get tested for HIV.

Use contraceptives every time you engage in sexual activity: Using contraceptives is a must while engaging with your partner in sexual activity. Using contraceptives or condoms prevents direct contact between the partners’ genitals. Latex condoms and internal, i.e., female condoms, are used for safer sex, preventing direct contact between female and male gentiles. 

Learn more about sexually transmitted diseases: It is also important to gain more knowledge about sexually transmitted diseases because it does not spread only from bodily fluids. Still, it can also spread from a non-sexual activity like kissing. Oral Herpes, i.e., HSV 1, can usually spread from kissing. Research on this subject has also shown that approximately 9 per cent of people can have oral herpes particles present in their saliva, which can also be detected.

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