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Is drinking water with meals safe? Here is what experts say

We have heard people telling us it is not good to drink water with meals. But is this just another myth or a fact? Let us find out.

Is drinking water with meals safe? Here is what experts say sur
First Published Sep 19, 2022, 7:27 PM IST

Not drinking water when you eat your food could give you bloating, or not drinking enough water can affect your appetite – there is a lot that people tell or warn us against when it comes to eating the right way or making meal choices. Many people believe that drinking water while having food or having water after a meal could affect your digestion in the wrong way. According to Ayurvedic experts, we should wait for at least 30 minutes after a meal. But some people forget to drink water for long hours, which is not good.

Can drinking water during meals affect the process of digestion?  It is believed by many that drinking water with your meal can dilute digestive enzymes and can affect the process of digestion. However, there is no scientific evidence to support this statement.  Many believe that water with food cannot be overlooked. At the same time, they are eating soups or salads in a way like chewing water. Green vegetables are also high in water, along with gravy-based meals. People who have chaach with meals or have curd also get lots of water indirectly.

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Dehydration can backfire on your meal intake: According to experts, they are not drinking enough water after meals can be bad for you. Also, not drinking water an hour or two hours before a meal can dehydrate one. People doing this might fail to complete the overall water intake the body needs. Dehydration can have several consequences on your health, like acidity, chronic constipation, and risk of kidney stones and others.

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