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Daily Horoscope for September 2, 2022: Be careful Aries, Virgo; good day for Taurus & more

Chirag Daruwalla, who carries on the legacy of his late father and renowned astrologer Bejan Daruwalla, shares daily astrological predictions for September 2, 2022. Read on and share with your friends.

Astrology Daily Horoscope for September 2 2022 gcw
First Published Sep 2, 2022, 12:30 AM IST

Ganesha says:
 Keep working hard according to time. A suitable result will be obtained. The youth should focus on their goals. The time is favourable. Use it a lot. Spending some time in
spirituality can bring relaxation. Keep control over wrongful expenditure. Do not use negative words while communicating with someone, it can spoil the relationship. Any unnecessary journey is not advisable. Keep this in mind.

Ganesha says:
 Today you can get peace of mind by completing work according to your mind. You will also be interested in looking after the household and maintaining proper order. Spend some time in solitude or some spiritual activity. There may be a dispute with brothers regarding some family issue. Try to find a solution to the problem calmly; it will bring sweetness in the relationship. Don't let outsiders interfere in your personal routine. Conditions will be favourable for those connected with technical field.

Ganesha says:
 You will have contact with influential and spiritual people today. Many important things can be learned through their experiences. Financial problems can be solved by getting any stuck rupees. Bring stability in your practice. Bring control over your faults like anger and irritability. Don't fall into false controversy. It can cause problems for you too. The situation in business activities will be normal for now. Support and advice from spouse and family members will be best for you. Do not neglect your health.

Ganesha says:
 Spend time acquiring some new knowledge to keep yourself busy. Interest in creative works will also increase. A serious topic will be discussed with close friends. Maintain your morale and confidence strong in negative situations. It would be appropriate to avoid any activity related to money transactions today. Don't pay attention to other people's talk and rumours. Take any decision in business matters carefully.

Ganesha says:
 Receiving any good news today will bring peace to the mind. Spending some time with children and finding solutions to their problems will boost their morale and confidence. An old dispute with someone can be resolved. Don't let negativity dominate you. There may be some bitterness in the relationship with someone due to confusion. Control this flaw of yours. This is the time to keep your morale strong. Business activities may be a little better.

Ganesha says:
 Your support will be in religious and spiritual activities. Service will also be in the mind. The time is right to clear an ongoing misunderstanding with a close relative. It will
also be appropriate to take the advice of an experienced person. High cost may be incurred. You can harm yourself by getting into someone's words.
Prioritize your decision. Don't spend too much time in outdoor activities. It is not advisable to invest heavily in professional activities at present.

Ganesha says:
 Take lessons from the last few mistakes and improve your current work. It will help you to perform your tasks properly and also increase confidence. An ongoing misunderstanding with a close relative will be cleared. It would be better if the youth is afraid of the current conditions and does not take interest in any inappropriate work. At this time it is necessary to maintain a lot of patience and calmness. A few will come up with unnecessary expenses that will be impossible to avoid.

Ganesha says:
 Discuss with the family members about the plans to bring change and improvement in the house. It is important to think carefully before taking any important decision at this time. Do not keep contact with people of negative activity. It can also affect your respect. Improve relations with neighbours. This is the time to protect yourself and others. In the field of work, the situation will be like more effort and less result. Don't let others interfere in your family matters.

Ganesha says:
 Today there will be a conversation with a close relative about an important issue and there may be an improvement in their relationship. By meditating for a while, you
will feel mentally healthy. There can be a positive change in your thinking too. Afternoon conditions may turn a bit unfavourable. So try to complete your special work at the beginning of the day. Getting some bad news can leave the mind depressed. At this time any work that will get more income can be completed.

Ganesha says:
 Today there can be a positive discussion on a serious topic with a special person. So you will get favourable results and get some new information different from your daily routine. You will also contribute towards family responsibilities. Don't blindly trust anyone. Few people can hurt you with jealousy. Consult the experienced members of the household in case of any problem. Time is not very favourable. There may be concern about the health of any member of the family.

Ganesha says:
 The work that you have been trying for the past few days; today it will be successful with your hard work. If there are any plans regarding relocation, think about it seriously. You may lose something important. So instead of trusting others keep your own things. Do not let any outsider interfere in your personal life. Few orders can be found in business. Good time will be spent in online shopping and fun with spouse and family members.

Ganesha says:
 Today you will spend good time in your interests and studies. The support of friends in any of your troubles will keep your courage and adventure. Follow the advice and
guidance of elders. Mind may be disturbed due to high expenses. Take care of your budget. There is no possibility of any improvement in the matter related to the court case. Consult an experienced person. Do not over discuss any activity related to business.

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