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Study proves Wi-Fi more important than sex

  • 40 percent of respondents chose Wi-Fi as their number one daily essential
  • It is a requisite for all those professionals who want to be plugged in 24/7
wifi more important than sex
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According to a survey conducted by iPass, where they surveyed more than 1700 mobile professionals worldwide about their connectivity, habits and preferences they found evidence to highlight the rising influence of Wi-Fi on our daily lives.  Here are the survey findings:



  • 40 percent of respondents chose Wi-Fi as their number one daily essential, designating it as a higher priority than sex (37 percent), chocolate (14 percent) and alcohol (9 percent)
  • 75 percent of respondents said that Wi-Fi has improved their quality of life
  • 63 percent of respondents prefer using Wi-Fi hotspots over mobile data
  • 75 percent of respondents said data is more important than minutes when choosing a cellular contract


It is a requisite for all those professionals who want to keep connected whether they are at work, at the airport, travelling or at a hotel. In fact, we often tend to look for places to stay based on Wi-Fi connectivity and if it’s is free, then that is a done deal. Who wants to be stuck with exorbitant roaming charges.



There have been several studies on the number of hours professionals are spending on the Internet, their search queries and there are several reports on how we are a generation of people who look for validation of our lives online. Why, take Reliance Jio for example. They have caught  the pulse of India's generation today. The Jio scheme announced that they will be charging for the data consumed on the Internet and not for the calls we make.



The study may highlight our dependency on the Internet but it also shows a worrying trend how our preferences have drastically changed. Imagine sex and chocolate losing out to Wi-Fi! The days we are facing. The march of technology has left no person untouched. The changes in how we previously used electricity, automobiles, telephones, television, computers, etc. have been varied especially when it is related to our spouses, our children, and our friends. There is still time before we become complete prisoners of technology and more importantly, the Internet. We might do well if we take our heads out of the virtual world and look at the life we are missing


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