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6 unusual uses of Vicks VapoRub

  • This everyday item can be found around the world
  • It has several unique uses
unusual uses of Vicks


Ah, Vicks VapoRub, the staple of every household that’s notoriously used during the dreaded  cold and chest congestion season.


But did you know that Vicks can be used for other purposes?



1. Effective insect repellent



If you’ve run out of insect repellent on hand,  Vicks is an effective killer.  Simply use it as a moisturizer and then be free from bites and itches.


2. How to train your pet


One of the most difficult things when you're training your pet is when it comes to toilet training them. An efficient way of doing so is to spread some Vicks and watch your dog or cat learn how to not pee in the wrong place in the future.



3.  Splinters


Nothing is more painful that a paper cut or getting a splinter. Soothe the pain with a dab of Vicks.  



4. Relieves muscle pain



Liberally slather Vicks over the affected portion, and watch it work its miracle.


5. For coughs


So, an external way of soothing your dry and itchy throat is to rub some under your feet, and cover them with socks.



6. It is also said to get rid of belly fat. 

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