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7 amazing benefits of mango leaves

  • Mango leaves are a treasure trove of benefits
mango leaf benefits


mango leaf benefits Mango leaves have immense healing properties


Mangoes – the king of fruits – are often used for immediate consumption or sometimes made for consumption through elaborate culinary purposes. Ever wondered what happened to its leaves? Mostly, it is  used to adorn the entrance of one's house, and has some religious significance during festivals.


 But did you know that its leaves are known to have amazing healing benefits?  Surprised? Don’t be.


Here are some amazing medicinal and healing properties of mango leaves that you may not have known about: 

Treats diabetes: Tender mango leaves are useful in the treatment of diabetes (Type 1 and 2). It contains compounds that helps reduce the level of insulin. These mango leaves can be consumed as is by chewing on it, or used as part of an infusion by soaking a handful of tender baby leaves in water overnight, and drink it post filtering it. Alternatively, you could consume dried mango leaf powder to naturally treat diabetic angiopathy, retinopathy and hyperglycemia. 

Lowers blood pressure:  Did you know that if one drinks tea made from mango leaves it helps lower blood pressure? This is because of the presence of a polyphenol in the mango leaves   It is known to strengthen the blood vessels, and is suitable for treating those afflicted with varicose veins. 


Asthma: Make a decoction by boiling mango leaves in water. It is useful to treat various respiratory problems including asthma. This decoction can also be taken with a little honey to treat whooping cough. It is very helpful in treating cure common cold and bronchitis.


Kidney stones and gallstones: The daily intake of mango leaves powder is said to help one get rid of  kidney stones and gallstones by dissolving them.  This powder, which is dried in the shade, and later finely ground is meant to be soaked in and kept overnight before being consumed. It is also useful in treating dysentery. It can be taken along with water two to three times a day. 


mango leaf benefits


Rich in anti-bacterial properties:  Struggling with gum problems? It is recommended that chewing mango leaves will keep gum problems at bay. The antibacterial property helps fight bad breath fight earaches. Few drops of lightly warm mango leaf extract can be used as ear drops. The ash of mango leaf serves as a natural antiseptic and soothes scalds and burns. Mango leaf extract also serves as a stomach tonic and helps treat various stomach ailments. 


Hiccups: Did you know that if mango leaves are good for hiccups and throat issues? All you have to do is an inhalation of mango leaves by burning them, and inhale the smoke of mango leaves. This is believed cure throat problems and hiccups.


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Anxiety: Are you anxiety prone? The compounds present in these leaves are an excellent source to bring down one’s anxiety levels. Bathing in a mango tea bath is said to relax and rejuvenate the mind and body.


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