A man rushed to his furry friend’s aid after it was caught in a chokehold by a kangaroo.

Shot somewhere in the rural Australian outback, a man jumps out of a moving vehicle and rushes to rescue his dog who’s being strangled by a kangaroo.

He quickly approaches the kangaroo and looks him dead in the eye as they get ready to rumble in the outback ring.


Watch the video:


A swift right-hand punch in the kangaroo’s face momentarily stuns the roo, whose expression is, well, priceless; almost as if it can’t believe what just happened. The man, then, turns his back, and orders the dogs to get back to the vehicle.


The roo then decides it’s in his best interest to back off and bounds off into the distance.

 It's a good thing it wasn't the buffest looking kangaroo that the man had to spar with, else this would have a very different ending.