April 23, 2015 a little girl was born to doting parents Jonty Rhodes and wife Melanie. What made her birth even more special was that the infant was born in a Santa Cruz hospital in Mumbai.

A clearly overjoyed father, and former South African cricketer Rhodes, named his daughter India Jeanne Rhodes. Now isn’t that an unusual name to give? Rhodes answered that he was so inspired and touched by the diversity our country held that he could think of no other suitable name for his daughter. He felt she would be entitled to the best of both worlds since India holds within itself such a vast amount of diverse cultures and traditions.

The South African cricketer, who is now acting as Fielding Coach for the Mumbai Indians in the IPL 2017, has fond memories of the 2015 IPL match since India was born during then. On Sunday, when he wished his daughter on twitter with a loving image of the duo, an unlikely person also added to the list of people who tweeted to wish her

Responding to PM Modi's Tweet, Jonty Rhodes thanked him for the birthday wishes and the blessings of people. His reply is what will floor you.


Here is an adorable picture from the time India's parents held a pooja for her