There are people who love chocolate, and there are people who love cheese. And then there are people who love chocolate and cheese.


So perhaps keeping that in mind, this Melbourne-based dairy place called Curds & Whey chose to combine the sweet and savoury profile in one item. According to Cosmopolitan it features a, “‘mild and delicate’ blue cheese ripened with chocolate liqueur, the Choco 21 is topped with cocoa powder and a sprinkling of chocolate chips — just to add another layer of decadence.”


If you had any doubts if this unusual combination would have any takers? Well, the answer is yes, and they’ve already sold out.

The owner of Curds & Whey, Anna , told Mashable,  “"The customer reaction to the product had been very positive before the post went viral, we had been expecting it to be popular but were surprised at just how much of a conversation starter it has proved to be."