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5 surprising life skills that you must possess

  • Hone in on these life skills
  • It will help you professionally and personally
5 surprising life skills that you must possess
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These life skills will hold you in good stead professionally and personally.  It’s surprisingly easy, but you need to tune in and hone in these life skills that are at your disposal.

  1. Listen not respond:  It’s such an underrated skill.  Listening and hearing are two different things.  Our immediate nature is to respond to what the other person is saying. However,  take a step back, and listen to what they are saying; take a moment before replying to the query.

  2. Learn to say ‘no’:  Often, we are worried as coming across as weak, if we say, “no”, especially when you have a lot of things on your plate. In biting off more than you can chew, you end up neglecting what you intended to do in the first place, and you end up being stressed and irritable.

  3. Manage your time wisely:  Learn to stick to a schedule. Reward yourself only after you’ve completed a task. Delegate or break up your work into smaller tasks, and finish it. That way, you won’t be easily overwhelmed.

  4. Learn a new skill: Even if it’s not related to your job, it’s always good to pick up a new skill, because you never know when it will come handy.

  5. The art of negotiation:  Everything is negotiable. The tricky part of it is how to learning how to negotiate without coming across as arrogant. The idea is to show how much that person will benefit from you being on-board.
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