In a tragic incident, a 15-year-old girl from Kochi committed suicide after an altercation with her mother over using the cell phone for long hours.

Safna hanged herself at her home in Eloor on Thursday after her mother snatched the phone from her for playing games on it for too long, according to a Times of India report.

The deceased was the only child of Sudheer, who works in the Middle East, and Saajitha, who works as a tailor in Kochi. She had recently passed her Class X examinations with 70 per cent marks.

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On the night of the incident, Safna went to her room and locked herself up after Saajitha scolded her for using the phone for a long time. The mother then went to another room, and was doing her tailoring work when she heard the sound of furniture falling in her daughter's room. Saajitha rushed to the room but could not enter as the door was locked from the inside.

She then ran out and woke up a neighbour, who rushed in and kicked the door open. Safna was found hanging from the ceiling fan while an overturned chair lay below her. They cut her down and rushed her to a hospital in Edappally but she was declared 'dead on arrival'.