When Rajinikanth becomes Class 6 students' inspiration

First Published 15, Sep 2017, 9:26 AM IST
When Rajini becomes Class 6 students inspiration examination question
  • The mid-term examination of Class 6 CBSE students had a question on Rajinikanth in the English paper.
  • The story in the English syllabus relates to Rajinikanth's rise from being a bus conductor to a filmstar.
  • CBSE authorities said there is no harm in including the stories of inspiring celebrities in academics. 

One particular question that stood out in the mid-term English examination paper for CBSE Class 6 students was: Even after becoming rich and famous, this superstar has not forgotten the friend who helped him. What does this tell us about him? Who is he?”

Although taken by surprise by the question, the class 6 students certainly enjoyed writing the answer- Rajinikanth. Incidentally, it came as a 'pleasant' surprise when there was a separate chapter on the 'Superstar' titled-‘From Bus Conductor to Film Star – Rajinikanth was not always a film star. Do you know what he did for a living before?’

The article relates to the story of Raja Bahadur, a colleague and a friend of Rajinikanth from his days of being a bus conductor. He was known as Shivaji Rao Gaekwad then. The chapter is being taught to students of Class 6 as part of their English course.

Speaking to the Bangalore Mirror, Susheel Jain, a CBSE school teacher said, "This is a new addition. We do not know why and how this chapter got into the textbook. The only thing we teach them is how such a person has become successful in his industry and the hardships that one goes through. This kind of inspires children as they admire his movies. What is the harm in learning about him or other personalities?”

In fact, one of the class 6 students said, "This was something fun to see in our question paper. There was also an added question asking who this person was. It was nice answering this question.”

Incidentally, academicians say that textbooks have started including chapters on personalities that are inspiring and easily relatable to the children.