The official mobile phone services of the corporators of Mysuru City Corporation including the mayor and a few officials of the corporation have been disconnected since Monday. Reason? Their phone bills have run up to lakhs, monthly and hence, the government has suspended their connection.

More than 200 free post-paid mobile connections were given to 70 corporators and also a few officials in 2007 under the Corporate User Group (CUG) of BSNL, reports Star of Mysore. Since it was a free connection, the corporators never had to bother about the bill and they were happy talking. Today, the mobile phone bills of these corporators have crossed Rs one lakh figure.

Shockingly, corporator Shamsad Begum's phone bill stands at Rs 1,33,891 and another corporator Rathna Lakshman's bill has Rs 1,03,550 pending. Besides, at least 10 corporators have their bill pending at Rs 50,000.

Unable to foot their bill, the Directorate of Municipal Administration has withdrawn the free mobile services of these corporators. It is learnt that there was no provision under the law to provide free phone connection to the city corporation, town municipal corporation, city municipal council and other local bodies. Yet, the corporators were given mobile connections for better co-ordination and help people of their wards to air grievances. But these corporators have not only misused the service but also caused great loss to the state exchequer.

It is said that some of the corporators made several international calls and even downloaded heavy internet data. Now, that their phone connection has been suspended, corporators are up in arms against officials blaming them for the inconvenience.