Video of woman PSI tackling rowdy goes viral

karnataka | Saturday, November 25th, 2017
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  • “Look… henceforth you must give up rowdism and lead a decent life. Any mischief making… I will take strict action without any consideration…”  
  • This is how a woman PSI cautioned a rowdy in the middle of the road in a pucca filmy style.
  • But her action in the area to control rowdies has earned her admiration from both public and the police alike.

“You better give up this arrogance and try to a decent life. If there are any more complaints against you, I will take strict action.” This is how a rowdysheeter was warned by a woman PSI on the road in a filmy style. But her action in the area to control rowdies has earned admiration from both public and the police alike, reported Kannada Prabha. She however said that it was routine and there was nothing special about it. 

HAL police station sub inspector Prasheela went on a severe crackdown operation in her area, pulling up rowdies from their houses and cautioning them. Her style of warning the anti social elements went viral on social media.

 Police commissioner T Sunil Kumar also shared this post.

Speaking to Kannada Prabha, Prasheela said "On the same day all police stations carried out similar operation and we also conducted, nothing special about it."    


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