On Valentine's Day, Bengaluru streets may be swarming with couples. While on one hand, there are members of certain fringe groups trying to spread awareness claiming that this is a day unnecessarily promoted for illegal activities like drugs and sex, Kannada activist Vatal Nagaraj is busy spearheading a march supporting and encouraging lovers.

Watch the entire statement of Vatal Nagaraj here:

He proposed that the Centre must provide Rs 1 lakh and the State must offer Rs 50,000 in cash for lovers, who are ready to get married. Vatal also wanted this day to be observed as a holiday for he believes that love transcends caste, religion and species. 

Vatal Nagaraj arranged for a marriage ceremony of a goat-couple and took them on a procession in a silver chariot across Bengaluru to announce his loud support for Valentine's Day.