Accepting the challenge thrown by Dr Shivanand Jamadar to debate that Lingayat is a part of Hinduism, Pejawara Vishvesha Teertha Swamy has invited Jamadar to either come to Udupi or meet him at Bengaluru in January.  Dr Shivanand Jamadar has accepted the invitation and has invited Swamy to come to Bengaluru by Jan end, reported Kannada Prabha.

Dr Jamadar has issued a public notice in a name of Lingayat Dharma Vedike and has thanked Pejawara Swamy for accepting his invitation. In January at Bengaluru his team would debate with the Swami and provide suitable answers, he said.

Pejawara Swamy had made a statement recently that Lingayats are Hindus as they worship Shiva, who is a Hindu god and that he was ready for public debate. Responding to that Dr Jamadar had said he was willing for a public debate. In response Pejawara Swamy has said that he has to stay in Udupi due to religious rituals and he can come in January either for a debate in Udupi or in Bengaluru. Dr Jamadar has agreed for the public debate in Bengaluru in January.

This has caused curiosity among the public who are eager to see a logical end to the controversy.