After calling BJP state president Yeddyurappa a dictator in the party, Opposition Leader in the Legislative Council, KS Eshwarappa now terms him as his brother! This is for the first time that Eshwarappa who till last week was fuming against the former chief minister, has now softened his stand towards his now-friend-now-foe, Yeddyurappa.

It may be recalled here that Eshwarappa and other leaders of BJP who were unhappy with Yeddyurappa had gathered to air their complaints against Yeddyurappa and his style of functioning. Yeddyurappa was called as the dictator for allegedly taking unilateral decisions in the party. These disgruntled leaders were upset that Yeddyurappa did not bother to consult them on any issues but listened to his coterie. These disgruntled leaders had decided to take on Yeddyurappa and had planned a protest march against him. Besides, Eshwarappa had stated that he would go ahead with the Sangolli Rayanna Brigade, despite the party leaders opposing against it.

But after BJP state in-charge Muraldihar Rao submitted a report on the party affairs in the state to the party president, Amit Shah, Eshwarappa now seems to have mellowed down. Softening his stand against Yeddyurappa, Eshawarappa - on Tuesday - said "Yeddyurappa and I are like brothers. He is a great asset to the party. I have some differences with him but will discuss and sort it out. We will fight the next elections under his leadership. There is no dispute about it."

He went on to say that "I have never criticised Yeddyurappa. Can you criticise your own mother? Things are not right between us, but we will sort it out. We will not rest till we make Yeddyurappa our next BJP chief minister in the state." 

Reacting to the reports of the party giving him the last chance to mend his way, Eshwarappa was confident that party would never suspend him from the party. "I have strived to build the party and has never gone out of the party. I’m confident that party will not take such decisions," Eshwarappa said he would go ahead with building Sangolli Rayanna Brigade. Meanwhile, Eshwarappa has also welcomed V Srinivas Prasad's appointment as the party vice president.

However, BS Yeddyurappa has refused to react to the developments. "I do not want to react to your questions. I have decided not to speak about it," Yeddyurappa told media persons.

It looks like, after the storm in the Saffron party, things seem to be settling.