A new spot has been identified for scuba diving at Karwar near Devagada and Kurmagada islands.  It has a variety of coral reef and fish.  According to a preliminary survey carried out by West Coast Scuba Dive and Dive Goa institutions coral reefs and fish families are discovered near these two islands.  

Since the survey was carried out during May, the sea depth was not clear. Hence the survey was inconclusive.  However, the survey indicates that apart from rainy season, the water is clear and suitable for scuba diving. Hence the institutions intend to conduct another survey during September and October.  Following the result, permission for scuba diving activities will be procured, reported Kannada Prabha.

DC Nakul S S is also very enthusiastic about the new discovery and is eager to get the scuba diving introduced here. A rock garden is coming up at the Ravindranatha Tagore beach. The war plane memorial museum is also under construction.

The war memorial museum, park, aquarium, food court are already attracting tourists in large number. Boat riding, Banana Boat, Kayaking, para sailing, a children’s train are all already popular among tourists here. Scuba diving will be a significant addition to the list.