Recently, a businessman had a bizarre encounter in the famous 12th Main of Indiranagar, and he ended up losing his 50-gm gold chain. In a coordinated move, two women robbed the gold chain with such precision that the man realised that he was mugged only after reaching home.


One of the women distracted him at a traffic signal while another one quickly got inside his car. This woman hugged and kissed him before asking him to take her to some nearby dark area. The businessman then threatened her saying that he will call the police and that made her get off the car, a leading media reported. 


Until then he did not realise that this was a robbery attempt and that the woman inside the car stole his gold chain. He realised it only after reaching home while describing the incident to his wife.  


According to the Times of India report, the city police have registered multiple such cases that involve women gangs in Indiranagar, Ulsoor, JB Nagar and other popular areas in Bengaluru.


The gangs target men driving alone or older men taking a walk alone in the morning or evening; the report quoted police as saying. After spotting the target, the women threaten him with false molestation case and demand money. To avoid such allegations, the victims end up paying for their safety. 


After receiving a complaint from the businessman who was robbed in Indiranagar, a case has been registered under Section 420 of IPC, and the East Division police are already on a manhunt to arrest the gang members.