Parvathamma is like a parvatha (mountain). Her duties and achievements were as great as Himalaya mountains (Himalaya Parvatha). She lived a very good life. It is really sad that she is no more. Can’t believe the news yet, said actress Leelavathi.

Leelavathi is said to be close to Dr Rajkumar, the closeness had even left Parvathamma worried. But after many years now, Leelavathi paid her last respects to Parvathamma and told that she is a woman of strength and every woman in Karnataka should consider her a model and learn a lesson or two from her life.

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Parvathamma was a pillar of Kannada film industry. She broke down while speaking and said that the sons should have taken her to a better hospital, may be to Singapur. “I believe that she could have been cured in a better hospital. Why didn’t they take her anywhere else,” she said while tears were rolling out of her eyes.

Remembering the olden days, she said that Parvathamma was hurt in many ways. She became emotional and said that she has gone to Dr Rajkumar and they will be happy together.

An emotional Leelavathi was accompanied by her son Vinod Raj. Both paid their last respects to Parvathamma at the residence of Raghavendra Rajkumar.

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