Many questions were shot at actor-director Kichcha Sudeep after he campaigned for his friend Sriramulu at Molakalmuru ahead of Karnataka Assembly elections 2018. Following the reaction of the people, Sudeep has now announced that he will never again indulge in any political campaigns.

Both Sriramulu and Sudeep belong to Valmiki community and it is said that Sriramulu is a good friend of Sudeep. Interestingly, Sudeep is also close to Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and was to campaign for the CM in Badami.

But following his stint supporting Sriramulu in Molakalmuru constituency, Sudeep was requested by his fans not to indulge in politics. There were comments stating that they want to see Sudeep only as an actor and director and expressed disappointment that he took part in the political rally.

Thus post inflow of many such messages, Sudeep announced that this was the last time he did something politically affiliated. He justified his action by saying that the persons he campaigned for him had helped him in various stages of his life and were close to him.

Thus clearing all airs that he has no intention of affiliating with any party or joining politics himself, Sudeep has said no to any political stint.