Karnataka astrologer predicts 'life threat' to Modi, says HDK will be king maker

karnataka | Thursday, October 12th, 2017
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  • Narendra Babu Sharma, popular as Brahmanda Guruji has predicted about PM Modi and JD(S) president HD Kumaraswamy
  • If gods are not appeased, PM Narendra Modi's life is in danger, he said
  • He also said that HD Kumaraswamy would become the king maker in the next assembly elections
  • Earlier too he had predicted that PM Modi's life is in danger  during a talk show with Suvarna News on December 31, last year

Narendra Babu Sharma, popular as Brahmanda Guruji has predicted that if gods are not appeased, PM Narendra Modi's life is in danger. He also said that HD Kumaraswamy of JD(S) has all the chances of becoming a Chief Minister.

Known for his filter-less language, which has also been found insulting by many, Narendra Sharma enjoys a wide fan base in Karnataka. Though he started out as a junior actor in Kannada movies, he later became a popular astrologer.

He was a contestant in the first season of Kannada Bigg Boss. Narendra Sharma is also believed to be a godman by many people in the state.

Known for controversial statements, Sharma or Brahmanda Guruji has now told that if PM Modi does not perform a particular pooja, he might even get killed.

It can be remembered that Sharma had made the same comments on December 31 in the studio of Suvarna News on the eve of New Year (2017). Though he had not specified when will PM Modi's life under threat, he had advised the PM to chant Adithya Hridaya Manthra. 

Speaking about Karnataka politics, he has said that HD Kumaraswamy will be the king-maker in the next elections. He should listen to what his father (former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda) has to say. 

Speaking about current Chief Minister of Karnataka Siddaramaiah, he said "He should set all his mistakes right. He  is surrounded by crooked ministers." In his December prediction in the last year, he had said that Siddaramaiah would complete his term as the Chief Minister.

Narendra Sharma is known as a televangelist. He became popular after his show Brahmanada in one of the news channels.

All his prediction seem to be generalised and nothing in specific regarding dates. With just three months left for the end of this year, it has to be seen if his prediction about PM Modi turns real?

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