IAS officer Anurag Tewari’s death has sent shockwaves not only to his family but also in Karnataka, where he was posted as the officer at the Food and Civil Service Department. Did CM Siddaramaiah’s Anna Bhagya Scheme prove fatal to Tewari?

Suvarna News has information states that 36-year-old IAS officer Tewari was being harassed when he was the officer in Karnataka. Tewari was said to have come forward to check irregularities in the Anna Bhagya Scheme, which provides rice to poor people in the state with a nominal price.

According to the information available to the news channel, Tewari had earned the wrath of the politicians on his stern stand on checking the irregularities in the Food and Civil Supplies Department.

Rice and basic grains, pulses are provided at a nominal rate to people from the economically backward sections of the society. The department was planning to invite new tenders even when there was enough stock of the raw material.

At this juncture, Tewari is said to have opposed the decision to invite new tenders and had rejected the proposal. This led to heated argument between him and his higher officials. Sources said that there was pressure on Tewari from the politicians against his decision. The media reports have also said that Tewari had brought this tension to the notice of the government, but it did not take the matter seriously.

However, Tewari was transferred to the Food and Civil Supplies Department four months ago. But from the time he had joined he was under pressure from higher officials and politicians. He was mentally disturbed. The records state that in four months he was off for at least 2 months. It is said that he was often heard saying ‘why did was even transferred to this department’.

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Speaking to Coastaldigest.com, Food and Civil Supplies Minister UT Khader has said that Tewari had not had any communication with the Department regarding the irregularities. Tewari was in-charge of Food and Civil Supplies Corporation, and if there were any such problems, he would have brought it to the notice of the department.

Tewari had been to Uttar Pradesh on leave. His body was found near the Guest House in Lucknow. There are rumours that he committed suicide due to depression. But with the new developments and twists to the case, a murder angle cannot be ruled out completely.

Yogi Adityanath’s government in Uttar Pradesh has formed a special team to probe the death. Meanwhile, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah too has written to the UP CM requesting him for a fair probe into the matter.