"BJP is making a cheap gimmick of using the pothole issue politically. BJP legislators and BBMP members have been sanctioned hundreds of crores as grants. They are also equally responsible for filling up potholes. Let them cooperate instead of engaging in the politics of potholes," said Home Minister Ramalinga Reddy, reported Kannada Prabha.

Speaking at a press meet at the KPCC office, Reddy clarified that the potholes are caused by heavy downpour continuously and not due to negligence.  "During BJP rule the City was full of potholes even without rains. After our government came to power we had got all the roads repaired.  In the past  four years the government has sanctioned Rs 3,500 crores for City roads.  Till now Rs 1,750 crores have been spent. The remaining is being utilised for Tender Sure, white topping and filling up potholes.  These works will start after the rains stops.  In constituencies where BJP MLAS are in power, grants have been released as follows: C V Raman Nagara Rs 66 crore, Hebbala Rs 38 crore, Malleshwara Rs 67 crore, Basavanagudi Rs 31 crore, Padmanabha Nagara Rs 34 crore, Yelahanka Rs 73 crore, Bommanahalli Rs 63 crore. All these are BJP constituencies. Instead of politicking the issue let the MLAs take up filling up potholes," he said angrily. 

"Before Auust 14 there were not this many potholes in the City. Rain started on August 14 and it has been continuously pouring. The BJP is politicising the potholes like a show as if “they have tied bells to the feet”. During BJP’s time the City had come to be called Garbage City.  In 2013 there was no rain but the City was flooded with garbage.  We changed that and gave clean roads.  BJP had even mortgaged 11 buildings. We cleared it.  BJP had made BBMP debt ridden. We are clearing BBMP from the clutches of loan.  If BJP had continued they would have closed down BBMP.  There are BJP members in BBMP. They have sanctioned funds for their wards. What are they doing?  Can they not fill up potholes in their wards?" Reddy questioned. Finally he appealed to BJP to join hands in setting right the havoc caused by rain.