Over 700 dyeing units that were banned in Tamil Nadu for killing a lake have now secretly established their units around Varthur lake, threatening the ecology. But what is more shocking is that the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) instead of taking a stringent action against such units, has just issued a notice.

These units had polluted a lake in Tiruppur to an extent that the Madras High Court which took serious note of it had ordered to shut these industries, with immediate effect. However, the units have quietly moved to Bengaluru and are risking the lives of Bengalureans, reports Kannada Prabha.

These units dye white clothes that arrive from Tamil Nadu by using Corporation water on a large scale and release untreated water to the Varthur lake. The chemicals used in the dye have killed the lake and even destroyed the crops being grown in the village. Not just that, the cattle feed on the grass grown on the bund of the lake adversely impacting its health. But the pollution Control Board has not initiated any action against these killing dying units.

In fact, after the National Green Tribunal pulled up the state government for destroying Bellandur and Varthur lake, the Pollution Control Board woke up and just slapped a notice on these polluting units, complain the residents.

However, on Thursday, M Lakshman, Senior environment officer of KSPCB visited these illegal dyeing units and has promised to lodge a criminal complaint against the owners of dyeing units and those who gave land to set up units. Most of these units do not have the licence to operate and have not installed water purifying units too.

In fact, illegal dyeing units from Tamil Nadu had also raised their ugly heads at Vrushabahvati river which was exposed by Suvarna News. Yet, the officials concerned turn a blind eye to these units for reasons best known to them.