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15 LPA isn't enough? Bengaluru man's quest for bigger earnings

A Bengaluru software engineer's unique grievance about his parents earning more than him sparks amusement and criticism on social media. The engineer, an entry-level SDE1, feels like a failure, contrasting with the trend of techies out-earning their parents. Comments express bewilderment and suggest that the perspective seems unusual.

15 LPA isn't enough? Bengaluru man's quest for bigger earnings vkp
First Published Nov 3, 2023, 3:07 PM IST

In a city known for its demanding tech-savvy residents, a software engineer has truly taken the cake with a rather puzzling complaint. In a recent social media post, he shared a 'unique' grievance: he's unhappy because his parents earn more than he does. Now, most would assume that parents earning more than their children would be a source of pride and comfort, but not in this Bengaluru man's perspective.

This curious lament was posted on a micro-blogging site 'X' and was shared by Grapevine app CEO Saumil Tripathi. In this puzzling post, a software engineer, who referred to himself as an entry-level Software Development Engineer (SDE1) at what he modestly described as an "okay-ish" company in the tech hub of Bengaluru, openly admitted to feeling like a failure. What's the cause of his feelings of inadequacy, you might wonder? It's the fact that his salary falls short of his parents' earnings.

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This software engineer couldn't help but reflect on the younger generation of techies who are not only out-earning their parents but also transforming their lives in the process. He believes that parents should be incredibly proud to see their children surpass them in income. However, he feels differently as an SDE1.

He elaborated, "Everyone seems to buy things and experiences for their parents that they could never afford on their own. I can only imagine how incredibly proud these parents must be of their kids for providing them with such experiences." 

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However, when it comes to his own situation, he's disheartened. He said, "There's practically NOTHING I can do for my parents that they don't already have a better version of. Financially, I can't make their lives any better. Honestly, I'm unsure if I'll ever earn as much as my own parents, which is probably disappointing for them."

While some may express sympathy, most reactions were of sheer bewilderment and amusement. Comments began pouring in, criticizing the young techie's perspective on this matter, which seemed quite unusual.

One person even joked, "It's like this person is trying to create a problem where there isn't one...😅."

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Another couldn't help but suggest, "What on earth! This is what happens when you have too much comfort in life and too much free time. The original poster should be made to work 70 hours 😒."

And there was a comment that humorously pointed out, "Even when they're criticizing themselves, techies manage to brag. 'SDE at an okayish company in Bangalore making only 15 LPA.'"

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