After 100 years, Lucknow’s iconic ‘Tunday Kebabi’ shut its door following the meat crackdown by the newly-appointed chief minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath. The meat eaters have been terming this crackdown as a secularist slam.


The popular kebab eatery shut its doors on Wednesday due to lack of supply of meat. Tunday Kebabi used 25 kgs of buffalo meat every day and now they don’t have enough to serve their customers. As a result, they had to down their shutters.


However, they re-opened on Thursday, but they were only serving chicken and mutton kebabs. The customers were irked as the menu did not have the famous ‘Baddey ka Kebab,’ which is made out of buffalo meat.


A raid headed by the police and civic authorities sealed four illegal slaughterhouses. Following that, 10 more slaughterhouses shut their doors because they wanted to avoid the raid. A number of illegal meat shops have also been closed. On Wednesday, three buffalo meat processing plants owned by a former BSP legislator’s family were also shut down in Meerut.


According to the Lucknow Municipal Corporation, there are almost 250 illegal meat shops in the city and they too are likely to face the fire soon. A comprehensive drive to shut these illegal plants and shops across 11 districts has been launched by the civic authorities.