A school in Meerut is alleged to have instructed its students to get their hair cut like that of the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh-Yogi Adityanath. Drawing the ire of the parents, the school also seems to have banned eating non-vegetarian food within its premises.

While dozens of parents protested outside the Rishabh Academy School, school authorities rebuffed all allegations saying that they had instructed students just to have a decent haircut. The fact that they were not allowed to have non-veg meals was always a regulation of the school. 

As protests spiralled on Thursday, police intervened to disperse the crowd. Meanwhile, the school manager said, "The idea is to ensure that children lead a disciplined school life. As for the ban on non-vegetarian food, that has been the case always. It is unfortunate that a communal colour is being given to a trivial issue." 

Yogi Adityanath has been in news for a number of political moves he has taken in the state after taking over office as the CM of UP. Recently, he had issued a directive saying that schools should not remain closed on the birth and death anniversaries of personalities. Instead they should remain open and dedicate 2 hours in teaching students about them.