Recently, Huffington Post India published an article titled ‘Why Aurangzeb's Reputation As A Tyrant And Bigot Doesn't Stand The Test Of History’ which led to some funny tweets. The article reviews a biography on Aurangzeb by historian Audrey Truschke that tries to rebut misconceptions about the Mughal emperor who is known as one of the worst tyrants in Indian history.


The article by Somak Ghoshal writes about various less inhuman aspects of the emperor while also mentioning how he ascended to the throne by driving away one of his brothers, killing two others and by keeping his father in house arrest. 


At one place the article read ‘His actions were in accordance with what he imagined to be that of an effective and equitable ruler's.’


‘When read in the context of Mughal history, much of the aura of a "cartoon bigot" that social media trolls and right-wing politicians have imposed on Aurangzeb seems to fade away, leaving behind the impression of a king who was as human and fallible as any other,’ reads the article in another place.


However, the vigilant Twitterati seem to have not taken this article too kindly, and soon the hashtag #YoAurangzebSoNoble went viral. 


Here are a couple of tweets with the hashtag that has gone viral:







Some truths must be told:







Can't really deny this.



When the author of the book, Audrey Truschke, tried to make sense of it all somehow she seems to have failed. 



This is where it all began.