Senior Trinamool Congress leader Anubrata Mandal has described the Bharatiya Janata Party as the “biggest virus in Bengal”. Counteracting his statement, BJP’s state president Dilip Ghosh said that the ruling party's days are numbered.

At a programme on Saturday (November 21), the Birbhum chief of the TMC invited Ghosh to "meet my booth-level workers" and subsequently join the ruling party, to which the BJP leader said that he would ensure Mondal's "fury" remains under check.

Anubrata Mandal said, “I am urging their (BJPs) state president Dilip Ghosh to visit our district and meet my booth level workers. I am inviting him to come join the TMC.”

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Dilip Ghosh, when asked about his reaction to Mandals invitation, told that the TMC leader had made more "noise" in the past, and this remark was no match to all that he had said before.

Dilip Ghosh said, “Anubrata Mondal had been making such statements for a long time. But the fury... the decibel limit seems to have gone feeble. I think the connection to the audio speaker (Anubrata's rhetoric) will gradually stop when the assembly poll nears. We will ensure that.”

“The BJP seeks to free the people of Birbhum from the terror unleashed by Mandal's men in the district, which is now a hub of bomb-making. I was ready to counter him with 'dhamsa madol' (musical instrument of tribals). But that was not needed as he didn't muster the courage to challenge me. I have visited Birbhum many times. I will be visiting Birbhum in three to four days again,” he added.

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Earlier, too, Anubrata Mandal and Dilip Ghosh had engaged in similar tiffs, which have, on occasions, triggered controversies.