A shocking incident took place in Old Digha on Tuesday (October 20). A schoolboy tried to commit suicide in a hotel room at Digha. 

According to sources, the boy ran away from his home and came to Digha. Hotel staff found the boy was lying in a bloodbath in the hotel room. They immediately admitted him to the hospital. However, the family of the boy is confused about the reason why the student tried to commit suicide.

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It has been reported that Dipankar Das, a resident of Dhaneshwarpur in Pingla police station area of West Midnapore rented a hotel room in Digha. He has been in the hotel room ever since he went to Digha. On Tuesday (October 20) night, the hotel staff saw the student was lying in a bloodbath in the hotel room. He tried to commit suicide by cutting his hand and throat with a blade. He was rushed to a hospital by hotel staff.

According to reports, Dipankar is the son of Chittaranjan Das, a resident of Madhyabar village in Dhaneshwarpur. He is a high school student. Dipankar came to Digha without informing anyone in the house.