Palakkad : An intruder who trespassed into the premises of a women's hostel around midnight in Kerala was stopped and questioned by the security guard of the building. In the brawl that ensued between the two, the intruder grabbed the metal pipe which the security had in his hand and hit him on his head repeatedly. The security guard fell flat on the ground. He succumbed to the injuries later.

The incident happened at Athurashramam Ladies Hostel in Kanchikkode. A stranger scaled the wall of the hostel and the alert security guard confronted him. The intruder, apparently in his forties, grabbed the metal rod from the guard's hand and hit him repeatedly. There were 13 inmates in the hostel when the incident happened. The security guard was taken to the hospital by the inmates soon after.

The man, who was in his late sixties, was working in this hostel for the last two years.The intention of the intruder is not verified yet. The police have initiated a detailed inquiry. Dog squad and forensic specialists visited the crime scene to collect evidence.