An ex-serviceman from Assam, who served in the Indian Army for 30 years, has been branded a Bangladeshi immigrant by the police and was also asked to prove his nationality by the Foreigners Tribunal. 

Mohd Azmal Hoque, who retired as Junior Commissioned Officer (JCO), has been placed in the 'doubtful voter' category, according to the notice served by the Foreigners Tribunal. The tribunal has also asked him to submit relevant documents to prove his Indian citizenship.

The notice alleges that Hoque entered India from Bangladesh in 1971 without proper documentation, according to reports. The Army veteran has also been asked to appear before the tribunal on October 13.

This is not the first time that someone from Hoque's family is being subjected to such an ordeal. His wife Mumtaj Begum was summoned by the tribunal to prove her citizenship a few years ago.

“I have served the Indian Army for 30 years and have all the proper documents. Why do I have to be humiliated so many times? I request the Prime Minister, the President and home minister to help end this harassment of an Indian citizen, Jai Hind,” Hoque says in a video shared by lawyer Aman Wadud on Twitter.

Replying to Wadud’s tweets, Kargil War veteran Major DP Singh notified the Eastern Command which said Hoque has been contacted and “necessary assistance” would soon be provided to him.