Tripura: Opposition members in Tripura Assembly on Monday staged a walkout from the House for the entire second half after they were not allowed to seek any 'point of clarification' on the custodial death of Susanta Ghosh, an accused in an ATM hacking case.

Chief minister Biplab Kumar Deb made a statement on the issue calling attention to the matter moved by CPI(M) MLAs- Nirmal Biswas and Ratan Kumar Bhowmik last Friday.

However, the chaos began when Bhowmik tried to seek a point of clarification from the chief minister's statement to which treasury bench MLA Sudip Roy Barman pointed out that it would not be wise to discuss the issue as the matter is being investigated by the District Magistrate.

"We must abide by the rules and procedures of the Assembly. Since the magisterial level inquiry is going on, it will not be right to discuss on the issue", Roy Barman pleaded before the House.

Deputy Speaker Biswabandu Sen who was substituting the Speaker accepted the suggestion and ruled to put an end to further discussion on the sensitive issue leading to chaotic like the situation the House.
Opposition leader Manik Sarkar stood and tried to make a point saying that the Assembly Secretariat could have turned it down earlier but it did not so.

"Moreover the chief minister made a statement on the issue. Naturally, members who are worried over the custodial death in West Agartala police station on January 12, the main police station of the state will naturally seek clarification from the chief minister, who is also the home minister", he said.

However, the deputy Speaker did not allow any further discussion since the matter is being investigated by the District Magistrate.

Angered by the deputy Speaker's ruling, all the CPI(M) legislators led by Sarkar walked out of the House, however, the House moved on with the scheduled business.

Later the Opposition Leader Manik Sarkar who also is a politburo member of the CPI(M) addressed media on the same issue justifying the walkout from the House.