The Itanagar home in Niti Vihar had been home to four chief ministers - three of whom died untimely even the one who managed to survive, had to relinquish the CM seat. The new chief minister, Pema Khandu, is now considering whether to turn the building into a museum or government office.

If one were to take into account the instances of death and tragedy that have befallen the former residents of the CM house, one would come to this kind of conclusion as well. One of the most recent being when the former Arunachal Pradesh chief minister Kalikho Pul was found hanging at the official chief minister’s residence.

Pul had held the CM’s post for about five months, but had to step down from his post after an order by the Supreme Court. He committed suicide before he vacated the house. Jarbom Gamlin, another chief minister lost power a little over five months after taking over in 2011. He died three years later of multiple-organ failure.  He had succeeded Dorjee Khandu.

Nabam Tuki, who succeeded Gamlin, completed his term without much difficulty but when he came back for a second time, he too was shown the door via a rebellion in the ranks. The ‘bad luck’ of the occupants of this CM house can be traced back to former chief minister Dorjee Khandu, who was its first occupant. He was killed in a chopper crash in 2011, just months after moving into the newly constructed CM residence.

Vaastu experts, when asked about the house, had suggested some modifications to the house in order. While many are harping on the haunted factor and the ill luck that the house is bringing, most fail to realise that all the circumstances were unique to the persons involved and had nothing to do with the house.