Lord Shiva gave me the strength to drink and digest poison, says Modi on visit to hometown

india | Sunday, October 8th, 2017
  • Prime Minister Modi’s trip to Vadnagar sent him down memory lane
  • The ever growing crowd kept chanting Modi- Modi and showering flowers on the PM
  • Modi recalled how Lord Shiva had helped him counter all those who had been spewing venom against him

On his first visit to his hometown as Prime Minister, Narendra Modi today said the immense love showered by people of Vadnagar has given him a new energy to serve the nation with more zeal. On the second day of his visit to poll-bound Gujarat, Modi held a roadshow at Vadnagar, his birthplace, in Mehsana district where a large number of people queued up along the route to greet him.

The entire city was decorated to accord him a grand welcome. Modi was visiting his birthplace for the first time after becoming the prime minister office in 2014.



There were chants of "Modi-Modi" and flowers were showered on him at several places along the route of the roadshow. "I am touched by the immense love showered by the people of Vadnagar today. It gave me new energy to serve the nation with more zeal," Modi said addressing a public gathering after the roadshow.



Striking an emotional chord with the people of his hometown, he recalled his journey from being the chief minister of Gujarat to be the prime minister. He said he had managed to serve the nation with the help of blessings of Lord Shiva since 2001 despite some people "spewing venom" at him over these years.

"The blessings of Bhole Baba (Lord Shiva) gave me the strength to drink and digest poison. Due to this ability, I was able to counter all those who spewed venom against me since 2001. This ability gave me the strength to serve the motherland with dedication over these many years," he said.

"I started my journey from Vadnagar and now I have reached Kashi (Varanasi). Just like Vadnagar, Kashi is also the town of Bhole Baba (Lord Shiva). Bhole Baba's blessings gave me immense strength, and this strength is the biggest gift I have received from this land," he said.

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